Vistage Peer Advisory

What is Vistage?

Vistage is a powerful tool for improving business decision-making and accelerating professional and personal growth. Through Vistage, you can:

  • Make a deep connection with peers who have similar roles and face challenges much like your own
  • Collaborate to address your most important issues and opportunities
  • Explore solutions in a supportive, confidential environment
  • Tap into the shared wisdom of a peer group of diverse background and experience

All of that sounds very serious but Vistage is also great fun. The business relationships we forge quickly become deep friendships with talented, passionate, committed, hilarious people—precisely the individuals you’d gladly “hang out with” (and probably will).

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Vistage Group Options

Openings are currently available in my two Vistage peer advisory groups:

  • Chief Executive (CE)
    Designed for CEOs and business owners who want to drive company growth and profitability, expand their business management toolkit, explore leadership topics, and find ways to work smarter, not harder so they can enjoy life, too.
  • Trusted Advisors (TA)
    The heads of professional services advisors, from accounting firms to public relations agencies, meet regularly to uncover new techniques to improve their businesses and enhance their leadership skills.

4 Key Features of Vistage Membership

  1. Peer advisory group
    A small group of peers come together one day per month of collaborative problem-solving, support, and growth.
  2. 1-to-1 coaching
    Work with me individually on your most pressing issues, professional and personal. Executive coaching is included in with CE group membership and an option for Trusted Advisors.
  3. Subject matter experts
    Interact with prominent thought leaders who participate in peer advisory group sessions. Better than a speaker, get your specific questions answered by the experts.
  4. Global Vistage community
    Tap into the resources and knowledge of a Vistage community that’s over 27,000 members strong.

Does this sound like the growth opportunity you’ve been seeking? If so, my peer advisory group members would love to meet you.

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