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Our work strengthens communities and organizations by building strong, visionary leaders and teams. We help municipal governments, businesses and individuals work more productively, with less friction, through strategic planning, leadership development programs, and personal and team coaching.



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Establish a plan for success to help your organization develop and grow.

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Maximize individual and team talents to create a more effective leadership.



Enhance your leadership, achieve your vision and anticipate your challenges.

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Develop positive relationships with municipal government to further your objectives.

Latest Blog Posts

What NIMBYs Can Teach Us

When I was Mayor of Clayton, MO, we sometimes locked horns with residents when we proposed development projects in their neighborhood. These were the residents who wanted no change at all… EVER… …The residents were referred to as NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard). Sound familiar? Dealing with NIMBYs is a major challenge for government officials.…

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Redefine BHAG to Achieve Big Goals

I once knew a CEO who was fond of BHAGs — big, hairy, audacious goals. He encouraged his employees to think bigger. He prodded them to fill strategic plans with one BHAG after another. Then, he asked me why those plans collected dust. Because, I told him, there’s a difference between “audacious” and “achievable.” Those…

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How to Keep Your Team Focused and Productive in Challenging Times

With the possibility of a recession looming over us, global warming threatening the future of our planet, and mass shootings horrifying us way too often, who isn’t more than just a little distracted these days? Leaders have always had to lead amid some level of uncertainty, but the stakes for today’s issues are higher and…

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