Our work strengthens communities and organizations by building strong, visionary leaders and teams. We help municipal governments, businesses and individuals work more productively, with less friction, through strategic planning, leadership development programs, and personal and team coaching.



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Establish a plan for success to help your organization develop and grow.

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Maximize individual and team talents to create a more effective leadership.



Enhance your leadership, achieve your vision and anticipate your challenges.

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Develop positive relationships with municipal government to further your objectives.

Latest Blog Posts

Quit Pretending All is OK… And Communicate with Your People

I read recently about a restaurant owner who tried to deal with his difficult situation by pretending everything is OK… …when it definitely was not OK. Prior to reopening his dining room, he chose not to get rid of tables and create space between them. Instead, he kept all his tables and filled several of…

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Now is the Time to Conduct Strategic Planning

Now is the Time to Reimagine and Reinvent Your Organization

I recently asked a business owner what her highest priority will be when her office reopens.   With no hesitation, she said, “Revise our strategic plan.”  I’ve heard other business leaders say they can’t plan now. There’s too much uncertainty. Their plan: Go into survival mode, cut costs, and tread water until they can return to…

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Staying Grounded During a Global Pandemic

I have a colleague who’s on edge. The pandemic sparked it. He and I discussed how he can deal productively with it. He’s generally an even-keeled kind of guy. But he told me how stressed out he was when a potential client didn’t return his emails. “I went through this whole range of emotions from…

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