Our work strengthens communities and organizations by building strong, visionary leaders and teams. We help municipal governments, businesses and individuals work more productively, with less friction, through strategic planning, leadership development programs, and personal and team coaching.



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Establish a plan for success to help your organization develop and grow.

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Maximize individual and team talents to create a more effective leadership.



Enhance your leadership, achieve your vision and anticipate your challenges.

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Develop positive relationships with municipal government to further your objectives.

Latest Blog Posts

How Groupthink Undermines Foreign Policy… and Your Business

President John F. Kennedy presided over one of the greatest foreign policy blunders of the 20th Century — the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. The failure could have been avoided if Kennedy and his advisors had not been suffering from “groupthink.” It happens in the White House “Situation Room,” and groupthink probably happens in your meeting room. Here’s how to avoid it…

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The Swing Vote

We all make a variety of decisions every day. Some are so routine that we make them without giving them much thought. But difficult or challenging decisions demand more consideration. Here are a few tips to help you make better decisions:

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Prioritize Prioritizing

Whether you lead an organization, community, or board, nothing significant gets done if you don’t prioritize. Without priorities, goals and initiatives trigger chaos, not progress. How do you prioritize when everything seems like a priority?

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