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When your leadership team needs to find (or reconnect with) their “why,” it’s time for a strategic planning session. How can a professionally led retreat improve your outcomes?

  • Taking time away from the organization’s day-to-day provides a space in which to define (or refine) the vision and translate the mission into an effective action plan.
  • Skilled facilitation enhances communication, encourages full participation from team members, and helps bring out diverse ideas for maximum buy-in.
  • Turning over retreat organization and facilitation tasks leaves your team free to concentrate on strategic objectives.
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What happens in a strategic planning retreat?

Every strategic planning retreat I lead is unique but the general outlines are similar.

Your senior leadership group will unite for intense sessions to develop a collective vision and action plan. We’ll identify strengths and weaknesses and explore how the team’s diversity makes the whole group greater than the sum of its parts.

Over the course of one or two days of conversations and exercises, we’ll actively engage all voices so that everyone’s values and priorities are represented in a strategic plan that puts the organization first.

We may also take time for additional training on leadership and other topics of value to senior executives.

Program Components

  1. Retreat logistics
    – Comprehensive retreat organization
    – 1 or 2 days
    – Designed to fit your budget
  2. Pre-session planning
    – Surveys to explore individual vision
    – Initial SWOT analysis Groundwork for retreat discussions
  3. On-site facilitation
    – Consensus-building
    – Collective vision identification
    – Prioritized action plan
  4. Optional training
    – Leadership development
    – Communications
    – Government relations 
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