Linda Goldstein in the News

November 3, 2017
Excerpted from an article by Joe Leicht

Mayor Pat Fribis and the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen are oriented toward "implementing solutions" and "building relationships," according to the first phase of a self-evaluation program in which they are participating.

At an Oct. 24 workshop, the mayor and board learned the results of online, psychometric self-assessments through StrengthsFinders, a program offered by the Gallup analytics company of opinion-polling fame. Linda Goldstein, a private consultant and former Clayton mayor, served as facilitator.

The board members were able to review characteristics they possess pursuant to using those traits to form a more effective governing body.

"These should not be taken as labels," said Goldstein. "Everyone is different and unique. These are components of what makes you what you are."

Goldstein said, in the bigger picture, the board's and mayor's greatest area of strength is in "executing," a trait grouping in which participants held 15 common points. They had the second most common points in "relationship-building" traits, followed by "strategic-thinking" and "influencing."

The mayor said last year's decision to hire a city administrator will continue to allow officials to coalesce as a team in line with the information revealed by StrengthFinders.

There were some skeptics. Alderman Musich repeatedly asked Goldstein how the self-assessment would do anything to help move Sunset Hills forward. Goldstein said it will help to "create a psychological safety zone … maximize team effectiveness and establish team dynamics" in a way that can translate to the city's budget and priorities.