As an elected official in Clayton for fourteen years, Linda helped move the community forward with bold initiatives and minimal controversy. Whether the change was small...such as a new neighborhood pocket park or environmental program...or something as cutting-edge as leading the way with Smoke-Free legislation, she knew the importance of a robust community engagement process. Here are some case studies that describe her approach to consensus building and creating a shared vision as an elected official, a non-profit leader, and a businessperson.



Clayton's Clean Air Ordinance: Linda led the process of researching stakeholder attitudes, collaborating with public health officials and organizations, and conducting outreach with Clayton's residential and corporate citizens and local, municipal, county, and state elected officials to draft and pass smoke-free legislation that led the way to St. Louis City and County becoming smoke-free.

Vision 2013: Linda led the development of an ambitious vision for Clayton's future, setting performance standards, and defining a plan to achieve community goals.



Scholarship Foundation Office & Shop Expansion: When the Scholarship Foundation needed to expand its existing retail shop and add office space, they faced a potential battle with neighbors who objected to the construction, the increased traffic, and the noise. They even faced some public misperceptions about the Scholarship Foundation's mission and activities. As President of the Scholarship Foundation’s Board of Directors, Linda, along with other board members and staff, worked with city officials, conducted focus groups, held community forums, listened to all stakeholders, studied the area and, based on that collaborative process, modified the design and traffic flow to make the project more neighbor-friendly. In the end, The Scholarship Foundation got the expansion THEY needed, the neighbors had the say in the project that THEY wanted — and best of all, the money raised in the expanded new space is now contributing to $3.6 M in funding for 600 students every year to help them get educations they otherwise might never have been able to afford.



During Linda's years in the commercial flooring business, her company acquired one of their competitors with a very different culture than theirs. In fact, they jokingly referred to the integration as “the wine and cheese ladies meet the beer and pretzel guys”! Working with managers, individuals, and cross-departmental focus groups, she helped blend the cultures, share each company's best practices, and create a collective vision for the future of the new business. It turned out that wine and pretzels was a very good combination, and the new company moved forward successfully.



Linda's experience with regional issue and candidate strategic communication includes brand development, media campaigns, public speaking, press conferences, website creation, newsletters, direct mail, social media, and strategic relationship building.




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